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Have your Dumpster Pad Cleaned Regularly

It goes without saying that over time dumpster pad areas can become filthy and unsightly. That is why routine dumpster pad cleaning is imperative for your business. Not only are unkempt dumpster pads an eyesore, but also generate numerous health risks for your staff and patrons. Below are a few reasons to have your dumpster pad professionally cleaned on a routine basis.

1. Decreased Curb Appeal & Offensive Odors on Site

Over time, garbage buildup and spills will make your dumpster pad unappealing to visitors. The end result being your property will appear littered and neglected, greatly impacting that positive image your business strives for. The longer the problem is ignored, the worse it will get. So regular dumpster pad cleanings are a necessity.

2. Dumpsters Attract Unwanted Rodents & Insects

We all know garbage is a breeding ground for rodents, insects, and hazardous bacteria. Discarded food and leaked liquids attract all kinds of pests including flies and other unwanted insects. Parasites and bacteria can quickly spread on your employees’ or customers’ hands and clothes which is a huge health concern. Not to mention, discarded boxes and empty containers can attract rats or mice that could easily spread disease.

Have Your Dumpster Pad Cleaned Regularly

3. Health Hazards

As mentioned above, bacteria and disease-spreading rodents can have a huge impact on the health of your employees and clientele. But another hazard to take into consideration is harmful slips and falls due to leaking liquid and grease spills around your dumpster pad area.

You could be held liable for accidents on your property due to unsafe conditions, so it’s important to schedule a routine cleaning to avoid such risks and facilitate a safe environment for your staff and customers.

Overall, maintaining a safe and clean dumpster pad will boost your curb appeal and show your customers that you take pride in your business. Also a clean and well-maintained dumpster pad area will have a positive impact on the health and morale of your employees, which is also good for business!

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How to Treat Parking Lot Stains

A parking lot is one of the first things customers see when visiting a business. Taking up a good portion of the front acreage of the business, a parking lot can add visual appeal to the property. But when parking lots are stained, cracked or pitted, they become eyesores that can rob a business of its curb appeal.
How to Treat Parking Lot Stains
Concrete parking lots are notorious for absorbing stains. Anything from automotive fluids to fallen leaves can affect the appearance of a concrete parking lot. And while cleaning the parking lot can take a little effort, the end result is well worth the effort.

Asphalt parking lots may not show stains as visibly as concrete parking lots, but that does not mean they cannot benefit from some TLC. Pressure washing can give a tired or dirty parking lot a good-as-new look.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing machines can be used to remove ground-in stains from parking lots. The power of the streaming water and a combination of mild cleanser may be able to remove a number of stains, including those from leaves, mold, spills, dirt, fungus, and bird droppings.

Proceed with caution when using pressure washers, as they can be powerful tools. If the nozzle is set incorrectly, it is quite easy to pit out portions of the parking lot or create a streaky look. Widen the spray and pass over each area several times to remove ground-in stains.

Pressure washers may come equipped with various attachments to make the process easier and eliminate stripping. Beginners may want to consider an attachment to make the job less arduous.

A rotary turbo nozzle will focus the water in a fine stream but constantly rotate that stream to cover a wider area. A water broom will clean a wider area in one pass and some have castors that keep the nozzles the same height over the parking lot surface. According to the Pressure Washing Industry Resource Center, pressure washing a parking lot will go a lot faster and becomes easier if you use a water broom.

A surface cleaner is another attachment that enables you to push a rotary arm over the parking lot for faster cleaning.

For a professional job done right, contact Skiles Excavating for expert and efficient pressure washing services. We will bring your parking lot back to its original glory and boost your business’ curb appeal.

Preventing Stains

Allowing fluids or other substances to sit on a parking lot may contribute to soaked-in stains. Being proactive can mean less scouring later on. Routinely examine the parking lot for automotive fluids and take your car in for a tuneup to remedy any leaks.

Rinse away leaves and other debris before they affect your parking lot’s appearance. Keep cat litter on hand to soak up minor spills and stains before they grow into larger problems.