Common Storm Pipe Problems

After a heavy rain storm, storm pipes divert water in a variety of different ways. Some divert water into a storm sewer or municipal sewer system, while some storm pipes divert water into natural bodies of water.
Common Storm Pipe Problems
Storm pipes can fail due to many common problems requiring the assistance of a professional storm pipe repair service. If your storm pipe system is failing to move water from your home or business, it may be afflicted by any of the following.

Leaking Pipe Joints

Over time sections of pipe can come loose where they are connected to each other, causing leaks that will only worsen over time.


Commonly, storm pipe systems are equipped with grates and other safeguards against obstructive debris. However, blockages still remain a common issue.

Pipe Corrosion

Over time, it is only natural for water flowing through storm pipes to cause corrosion and is primarily a concern with older storm pipe systems.


Bellying occurs when part of a storm pipe begins sinking downward after becoming unstable. This causes a reservoir where blockages can occur due to the build up of large debris.

If left unchecked, problems with your storm pipe system can cause flooding and other water damage. Contact the experts at Skiles Excavating to mitigate the problem today!