Steps to Take During a Sinkhole Emergency

A sinkhole can be a small or large hole in the ground caused by a collapse in the foundation. The following steps are recommended during a sinkhole emergency.
Steps to Take During a Sinkhole Emergency
Mark the sinkhole by setting up posts with caution tape around the affected area to alert people of the danger and restrict access to the area. For small holes, a piece of plywood can be placed over the opening as well.

Document the damage and take photographs for insurance purposes, while being cautious not to get too close to the sinkhole’s edge. Be aware of surface cracks and keep your distance. The edges of the sinkhole can be unstable and further collapse causing injury.

If the sinkhole is very large or a hazard to the general public, please notify the authorities or your local emergency responders. This could be a sinkhole which affects nearby structures, utility lines, roadways or near a busy sidewalk or walking trail. You may want to consider notifying your municipality of the sinkhole who may be able to assist you.

Once the area is secure, it’s time to repair the sinkhole as soon as possible. Contact the experts at Skiles Excavating immediately to mitigate the situation and prevent further damage to your foundation and/or structures.